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Tour Patriots Stay and Play


Pine Ridge Veterinary Center, LLC is proud to add “Patriots Stay and Play” to the practice in the spring of 2013. Patriots Stay and Play is a full service boarding facility for your pet that includes, “Regular Boarding”, “Deluxe Boarding”, and “Luxury Boarding”. Our “Regular” boarding includes new stainless steel bunks with elevated grates and pads for the comfort of your pet. The sizes of the bunks range from 24’*24” to 24’*72”. Our “Deluxe” boarding includes large red, white, and blue bunks that are 3’*6’ and each have size specific Kuranda beds to ensure the comfort of your pet during their stay. If your pet would like a little more luxury during their stay, you can pick from one of our “Luxury” themed rooms. You can choose from “Disney”, “Nascar”, “Louisiana/Mardi Gras”, “Mossy Oak/Realtree”, “LSU”, or “Hawaiian/Tropical Paradise”. All of our Luxury bunks are 10’*10’, and are equipped with a size specific Kuranda bed, and their very on flat screen TV.

All pets are kept inside in temperature controlled rooms for their comfort. We do offer outside “Play Time” in our “Patriots Play Zone” if you would like. “Patriots Play Zone” is our specially designed dog playground equipped with dog specific playground equipment. All you have to do is to let our staff know when their reservations are made or when they are dropped off that you would like for them to participate in “Play Time”. “Play Time” consists of 3-5, 30-45 minute outside play sessions a day. The number of sessions per day and the time outside will be dictated on the outside weather conditions at the time and will be evaluated daily. You are more than welcome to bring any type of special beddings or food that you would like for your pet to have while you are away, but you do not have to. They will be provided everything that they will need while they are here.

Take a look at the pictures in our virtual tour, and, please call if you have any questions.

The prices are as follows: “Regular Bunks”: 0-25lbs-$19.00/night


“Deluxe Bunks”: $28.65/night (all sizes)

“Luxury bunks”: $40.45/night (all sizes)

“Patriots Play Zone” – Included

We do offer multiple pet discounts. Please, ask our staff for specifics if you are boarding more than one pet at a time.